Frost Heaving

Frost Heave occurs when water freezes below the concrete footings and/or attaches to the rough sidewalls of footings. As the freezing water expands it exerts so much pressure per square inch it can easily lift a deck or even a four season porch.

While decks can withstand some movement, frost heaving can cause safety issues as well as damage to your house. In some cases, a porch can heave enough to crack windows and make doors un-operable. In areas heavly saturated with clay frost heaving can be seen at its worst.

There are a few conventional ways to fix this problem but in areas like Plymouth and Maple Grove the clay is so compact that when you disturb the soil conventional footing just don't cut it. Pleasant Valley Home, Inc. has teamed up with Atlas Foundation to fix extreme frost heave for good.

Instead of re-doing something that didn't work the first time, we drill metal pilons as deep as they need to go to prevent any type of heaving. The metal pilons can also support more weight which allows us in some cases to eliminate excess posts.

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